General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of Ski resort Kranjska Gora and summer sledding “Besna Pehta”

RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o., Borovška 103a, 4280 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia, Company registration number: 5001412000, Tax number/VAT: SI 56234279 (from here on RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o. or just operator) is responsible for determination and acceptance of General terms and conditions (ski order) of the Ski resort Kranjska Gora, areas of Kranjska Gora and Podkoren, (from here on Ski resort).


General terms and conditions apply to all users of the Ski Resort (ski areas, various ski lifts) as well as all other infrastructures of the Ski resort such as sledding areas, toboggan run, polygons for adults and children, bike trails etc. (from here on infrastructure). General terms and conditions are achievable at cash desks of the operator, at the ski resort itself and at the information desk. The term Ski resort refers to all terrain/tracks and ski lifts regardless of the form or the season they are being used in (it does not refer only to winter season).  


Entering the Ski resort means you are also making a contract with it. You are there for accepting and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the ski Resort, to buying a ticket/ski pass under the conditions and the price list valid at the time of the purchase and considering the type of use (skiing, one time ski lift use, toboggan run, riding a bike on the bike trails, using the lifts for bike transfer, etc.), to the use of personal data (when buying a seasonal ticket, dealing with complaint, treatment of injuries, infrastructure and ticket usage control, etc.) 



Ski pass can be purchased in cash, debit (BA Maestro, Visa) and credit cards (Mastercard, Diners, Visa) as well as with so called immediate payment services Flik, at cash desks, which are situated at the foot of the ski slope in Kranjska Gora and Podkoren. The list of debit and credit cards that are accepted at Ski Resort as well as the list of Flik service providers may change. There for ski pass purchase is possible with cards and Flick service marked at the cash desk at the time of the purchase, regardless of provisions of these terms. 

The sale and control of ski passes are done via computer-controlled cash registers and magnetic readers at the control points such as the lift entrance. At checkpoints the users are obligated to “scan” the ticket at the magnetic reader and to show the ticket to the authorized person if so asked. 

The ticket control system is carried out under video surveillance as well. We draw attention to this at the ski pass sales desk and/or at the ski lift entering points. With purchasing a ski pass the user has accepted and agreed to this fact.  

By conducting video surveillance of ski pass control, we do not interfere with the privacy of visitors and users of our ski resort. The system is used only to compare video transmissions of individual ski passes based on the serial number of each ticket, taking into account the statutory provisions of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Finding out if the nontransferable ticket is used by the same person is part of the contractual relationship to which the user agreed when he/she bought the ticket. If the user acts against general terms and conditions and uses someone else’s ticket, finding out this fact is necessary to fulfill lawful interests of the operator which prevail over interests of the person using someone else’s ticket.   

Recommendations to visitors / users of Kranjska Gora Ski Resort:

  • Check the weather and operating conditions of ski resort, before purchasing ski passes. 
  • Learn about the procedures of ski pass confiscation in case of ski pass or infrastructure misuse.
  • Check the information board and choose ski slopes that are suitable for your physical condition, knowledge and skills.
  • Be prepared and properly equipped for the activity you choose.




  1. Valid price list including chip deposit cost (for the tickets with magnet reader) and terms for the deposit return are accessible at the ski pass sales desk. 
  2. Each ski pass has been defined by its validity. 
  3. All tickets are issued on contactless chips. Deposit for these chips is paid according to valid price list. The ticket issued on contactless chip may be refilled multiple times (the user is able to use the same chip ticket the whole season by refilling it every time user wants to use it). After the ski pass, issued on contactless chip, is returned without damage, the deposit is returned to the user.  The user may return the chip at the ski pass sales desk, not only during winter season but in summer season as well.
  4. Daily ski passes are only valid for one day skiing (from 9.00 to 16.00). They are not valid for night skiing.
  5. DEPO ski passes are special kind of tickets, bought in advance either in presale or in regular sale. They have informative validity indicated at the bottom of the ski pass (April 15th + one year). Within this time frame DEPO ski passes may be used. They are 1-day tickets (9.00 to 16.00) or night tickets (evening skiing). After the ski pass has been activated at the entering point of the ski lift for the first time it can be used that day only. 
  6. The time frame for DEPO ski passes from previous paragraph is only informative and does not represent the actual end of the season which depends on the weather and snow conditions, as well as probable measures of state authorities (epidemic, different restrictions…). The validity of DEPO ski passes stops when the ski season actually ends.
  7. DEPO ski passes may be exchanged with an extra charge of 5,00 € if they have been bought in previous winter season. We do not exchange ski passes with older dates. 
  8. Regardless of previous provision the operator may change the conditions for exchanging tickets. Valid conditions for DEPO ski pass exchange can be seen at the ski pass sales desk.
  9. Multiple day ski passes (from 2 to 10-day tickets), season ski passes and business season ski passes are not valid without owner’s photograph.
  10. Lost season ski pass can be replaced by paying the replacement cost of 5,00€ and with submission of an original invoice.
  11. Season ski passes are also valid for night (evening) skiing, when open, without additional fee.
  12. However, multiple day ski passes are NOT valid for night skiing.
  13. Children under 6 years ski with a valid season ski pass. Proof of child’s age and photo, name and surname are required for buying a season ski pass for children. 
  14. Season ski pass for children is not valid in Children’s Žičko park. Terms and conditions including the price list for Children’s Žičko Park are available at sales desk.
  15. For seniors over 60 years of age, children from 6 to 14,99 years of age, invalid persons, youth (from 15 to 23,99) discounted prices for specially marked ski passes (discounted tickets) apply. Discounts are only valid with age or status proof. 
  16. Tickets for summer sledding “Besna Pehta” include transportation with a chair lift and sleigh ride. They are valid in summer season. 
  17. Validity date on the purchased ticket is only informative and does not indicate an actual end of the summer season. 
  18. The operator may refuse to issue a ski pass on the basis of a purchase order or a voucher of operator’s contractual partners in case of unpaid obligations of previous seasons. 
  19. Only educational institutions such as schools, kindergartens, universities, …. are entitled to special priced school ski passes.



  • All ski passes are non-transferable. In case of misuse (using someone else’s ticket) the ticket is blocked and taken away. 
  • Once the ski pass is purchased, its validity cannot be changed. 
  • Attempting to or misusing ski pass and violating the rules for safe behavior and skiing are grounds for immediate ski pass withdrawal. The official person of the company is authorized to withdraw the ski pass (ski controllers, ski patrol, etc.) In case of ski pass withdrawal, the authorized person issues a ticket withdrawal confirmation. 
  • In case of ski pass or any other ticket misuse the ticket is blocked (access to any other infrastructure or ski lift is no longer possible).
  • In case of ski pass misuse the authorized person may withdraw the ski pass. In these cases, the authorized person issues no withdrawal certificate. 
  • Ski pass users with discounted tickets are required to prove their entitlements with a proof of legitimacy (senior card, student card, ID, …).
  • In case of misuse of a ski pass the offender is required to pay for the ski pass according to the regular price list of the current season. 
  • The operator RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o. has the right to file a criminal complaint against the offender in the event of misuse or violation of terms and conditions of the Ski Resort RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o., it’s infrastructure or safety regulations of the resort. 
  • In the event of misuse of a ski pass, the offender who is involved in an accident is obliged to pay for the rescue expenses. 



  • In the event of an injury to a user (skier; (ski) ticket holder), the operator will refund a pro-rata part of the ticket purchase price, subject to medical certification, if the ski resort's ambulance intervenes. The pro-rata part of the purchase price shall be refunded from the following day onwards. In the event of illness, the Operator shall also reimburse the pro rata part of the purchase price for a multi-day ticket, also on the basis of a medical certificate.
  • In the event that the ski resort is closed for more than two consecutive days due to bad weather, lack of snow or a breakdown, the multi-day ticket holder will be refunded the pro-rata part of the purchase price of the multi-day ticket, the unused part (e.g. 1/3 of the purchase price of a 6-day ticket will be refunded if 2 out of the 6 days purchased are left). 
  • The purchase price will also be refunded to one companion of the injured skier who left the ski area early with the injured skier.
  • In the event of an injury to a season ticket holder (photo ticket) on the ski slopes, proof of the injury must be provided no later than the end of the current winter season in order to claim the discount (pro-rata refund). After the end of the winter season, claims in case of damage can no longer be processed.
  • Tickets for the summer toboggan run "Besna Pehta" are considered to have been used even if the ticket holder only uses the chairlift (e.g. because he/she did not ride the toboggan).
  • In case of bad weather, unused tickets for the summer toboggan run "Besna Pehta" can be used until the end of the summer season. If a ticket is not used within the summer season in which it was purchased, no refund can be requested.



  • Any advertising on facilities, devices and parking lots regulated by the operator of RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o. (for example Velika Dolina, Poligon) is charged in accordance with the valid price list. Advertising without an operator’s consent is charged 500,00 Euros + Tax per advert. Cleaning/clearing of the non-consented advertising (stickers, leaflets,) is treated as vandalism and is charged with double price of cleaning.
  • The user, who damaged ski lift or any other device or infrastructure at the ski resort RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o., or his/her guardian is obligated to pay the compensation for the damage. The operator has the right to file the criminal complaint against the offender for the damage of the property and endangering transport safety. 
  • The operator has the right to deny access to ski resort Žičnice Kranjska Gora to individuals or groups who disregard terms and conditions of the resort, violate rules of safe skiing and safe behavior. Access to ski slopes and ski lifts is strictly forbidden to all persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and to those who are behaving inappropriate (are endangering others, are loud, …). The operator of the ski resort is not responsible for them and their actions. 
  • Smoking, use of an open fire and discarding cigarettes and litter on all ski lifts, ski slopes and their surroundings is strictly forbidden (mainly due to fire hazard and endangering general safety).  


  • Child transport in a child carrier backpacks or kangaroos as well as domestic animals transport with any ski lift is forbidden. 
  • A child who is higher than 125cm may use a chair lift for transportation. A child smaller than 125cm may use a chair lift only accompanied by parents or other adults. The adult accompanying the child on a chair lift takes full responsibility for child’s safety. 



  • Group leaders and coaches are obliged to ensure safe skiing of the group they are leading. 
  • In case of inappropriate group behavior that is endangering others or dangerous group management the operator forbids the group from using the ski slope and ski lifts without ski pass refund. Ski passes or any other tickets are withdrawn from the group.
  • The ski pass holder is insured against any personal injury, damage to the equipment or cargo, if the injury or damage occur as a result of operator’s fault or negligence. 
  • The operator, however, does not take any responsibility for injuries or damage that occur due to disregarding: the conditions on the ski slope, number of users/visitors, weather conditions, snow conditions and features of terrain, maladjusted skiing, disregarding FIS rules or rules of safe summer sledding, disregarding signs or operator’s instructions, maladjusted physical condition, unfitted ski equipment, skiing or other activities under the influence of drugs or alcohol, …
  • Conditions for damage claims to the operator are: submission of valid ski pass for the day of the injury or damage, ski/rescue patrol report and medical certificate.
  • All ski resort users are advised to always have a health insurance card with them.  In case of injury and possible transport with a rescue van to the hospital, which can only be done by authorized health and rescue institution, the rescue and transport are free of charge only for users with health insurance card. For others the transport is charged according to the valid price list of the institution responsible for the transport at the time.
  • In the event of an accident the operator has the right to initiate criminal proceedings against person responsible for the accident.



  • Parking in parking spaces that are operated by RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o., is free of charge. The users are obliged to follow the operator’s instructions.
  • It is strictly forbidden to park on all access roads or private spaces.
  • The operator takes no responsibility for parked vehicles. 
  • Users are reminded that the operator referred to in these conditions does not manage the car parks in the surroundings of the ski resort (Kranjska Gora, etc.), but only the car park in Velika dolina, which is also marked there as a guest car park of RTC Kranjska Gora.
  • The users are obliged to follow general terms and conditions as well as parking order of each parking space they are currently using.


  • The organizer of an event / competition is obliged to report the event at least 10 days prior to the public administration authorities in Jesenice. The organizer needs to obtain operator’s consent / permit for the use of a ski slope at the main office of RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o., first. The organizer needs to hand over part of the permit to the supervisor at the ski lift before the event. 
  • Organizer of the event, training or competition must, at his own expense and with his own supervisors, protect / insure and physically separate part of the ski slope, used for the event, from the recreational areas. 
  • Before an event the organizer needs to ensure the rescue team, doctor and security staff. Insurance of the competitors and participants of the event is recommended. 
  • The organizers of competitions, trainings or other events, who wish the ski lift to start outside regular working hours, are obliged to ensure rescue team, doctor and security staff at their own expense.
  • Ski School at the ski resort Kranjska Gora can only be performed by those who have the consent from the Ski resort operator. According to Ski safety Act and the Sports law consents may be issued to legal entities, registered for performing sport activities, sport clubs, institutes for sports, previously announced groups with appropriate licenses for teaching. All others without consents and proper licenses will be removed from the ski resort, the tickets will be withdrawn from the group and they will be reported to the authorities.


  • Every skier must follow the rules of security staff, ski lift orders and the snow patrol as well as follow directions of warning signs on the slope. Also, the FIS rules (10 international behavior rules) must be taken into account.
  • It is strictly forbidden to act against FIS rules and provisions of safety act at public ski areas as well as ignoring the queues in front of ski lifts. Violation is punished by immediate withdrawal of the ski pass without ticket refund. The official person of the operator is authorized to withdraw the ski pass.
  •  It is forbidden to ski along closed areas marked with “Skiing Forbidden” signs as well as areas closed with signal rope, tape or net. 
  • It is strictly forbidden do cross over safety nets with or without skis. These safety nets are there to divide ski slope from dangerous areas, cliffs, gaps, snow overhangs, …
  • It is forbidden to ski in the forest and dwarf pine.
  • Each skier should choose a terrain safe for his skiing knowledge and capability. Authorized person has the right to remove a skier who is not able to ski in a certain area for his safety and safety of other skiers. In the event of special transportation for such a skier, the skier is obliged to pay for the costs of transportation.
  • Rescue team and first aid are present at the ski resort at all opening hours of the resort. They can be called from all marked locations. Rescue team controls only opened ski slopes. Rescue and first aid on closed slopes and off ski areas are charged to the injured person with the amount of 305 Eur (250 Eur + Tax).
  • Skiing along the trails of the surface lifts is forbidden. Crossing over those trails is allowed at specially marked places only.
  • Walking and sledding on ski slopes are forbidden.
  • Dogs and other pets, on the leash or without, are not allowed on the ski slope.
  • Driving with snowmobile on the ski slopes is forbidden.
  • Every skier should be alert of possible encounter with snow trampler/groomer or snowmobile on an emergency drive. 
  • Recommendations for safe skiing are part of general terms and conditions of RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o.
  • It is recommended to use helmet for skiers’ own safety and safety of others. Safety helmet is obligatory for skiers under the age of 14 years.
  • It is necessary to take safety distance on the summer sledding track into account.
  • Stopping and taking pictures while on track is strictly forbidden.
  • RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o. is not responsible for the users of the summer sledding and their behavior. 
  • With purchase of a ski pass the user fully agrees to these terms and conditions.



In case of season ski pass usage restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic, Kranjska Gora season ski pass holders and Kranjska Gora & Vogel season ski pass holders have the right to season ski pass purchase discount for the following season as described below: 

Ski resort operating days 


1-7 days


8-14 days


15-21 days



(Example: If the season ski pass holder paid 499,00 EUR and the ski resort was open only 13 days during winter season, the user is entitled to a 55% discount for the purchase of the season ski pass for the following season. If the holder buys the same ski pass, these 55% represent discount in the amount of 274,45 EUR of the total price of 499,00 EUR.) 




  • When buying a ski pass the user also receives an invoice for the purchase. Costs regarding the purchase are specified on the invoice, such as price of the ticket, quantity, Tax and total cost.
  • Complaint regarding opening hours can be sent to our address.
  • In case of complaints, disputes or questions the user may turn directly to the ski resort operator at its address, telephone number: +386 4 580 94 00 or e-mail: [email protected]. Complaint handling procedure is confidential. All complaints will be answered through e-mail or telephone number as soon as possible. In case we will not be able to resolve the complaint with a mutual consent, the local court will be competent to resolve the dispute. 
  • RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o., Borovška 103a, 4280 Kranjska Gora in accordance with the third paragraph of Article 32 of the Act on out-of-court settlement of customer disputes (“ZIsRPS”) informs all customers that we do not recognize any performer of out-of-court settlement of customer disputes as competent person for settling customer dispute, that customer may start in accordance with the law. 
  • General provisions, terms and conditions of Ski resort “Kranjska Gora” (ski order) and relationship between RTC Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o. and user in general are judged according to Slovenian law. 


Company information:

Rekreacijsko turistični center Žičnice, Kranjska Gora, d.o.o., Borovška 103a, 4280 Kranjska Gora, company registration number: 5001412000, Tax number: SI56234279                                                                                   

Telephone number: +386 4 580 94 00, e-mail: [email protected]

General terms and conditions for ticket sale and use of ski resort “Kranjska Gora” (ski order) apply from August 30th 2023.